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Roanoke Public Library | Roanoke, TX
Roanoke Public Library | Roanoke, TX
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Roanoke Public Library | Roanoke, TX

Resources for Emergency Funding

Libraries may be eligible for time-sensitive relief grants from the following organizations

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The application deadline is June 1.
Strong libraries build strong communities
This content was developed by the American Library Association is used with permission from the ALAs Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services

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Building Support for your Rural Library

Unfettered access to information and the exchange of ideas are essential to the preservation of a free and democratic society.
We oppose censorship and any effort to coerce belief, suppress opinion, or punish those whose expression does not conform to what is deemed to be orthodox in history, politics, or belief. We are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all individuals, of all ages, to use the resources and services of libraries. We champion and defend the freedom to speak, the freedom to publish, and the freedom to read, as promised by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Biannual Library Grants

The Tocker Foundation considers projects that enhance services provided by a public library.

Application DeadlinesJanuary 15th & June 1st
The Tocker Foundation is dedicated to the support of public, rural libraries of Texas. Our grant-making focuses on inviting, open patron spaces, community connectivity, effective use of technology, digitization of public records as an extension of services, and a robust community resource with programming and accessibility for patrons of all ages. We encourage the evolution of libraries in the digital age by helping those in rural parts of the state to respond to the rapid pace of change. We look forward to serving in this direction for many years.

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Libraries for All

Pervasive racism present in our nation denies its residents equal rights and equal access and as such, is one of the greatest obstacles to the public libraries’ mission to enhance learning and ensure access to information to all.
The Tocker Foundation stands in solidarity with the American Library Association, with library workers, library users, and members of the communities we serve and support who are susceptible to acts of prejudice, threats of violence, and even death based solely on their race or ethnicity, national origin, gender or gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age.

Beyond Books

Rural Libraries offer programs and services which enable smaller communities to grow.
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Our measure of success is not about how many books are circulated or how many people attend our programs, but by the quality of life in our communities.
Pam Smith
President | Public Library Association

Our newly modernized library is now thriving.

The community of Fairfield is forever grateful for Tocker Foundation’s generosity.

Tammy Gawryszewski
Fairfield Library | Fairfield, TX

Fairfield Library accomplished its goals with a major renovation to the delight of its community.

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