Intellectual Freedom

Protecting first amendment rights

Tocker Foundation
September 19, 2023
Here, this Court has found that READER likely violates the First Amendment by containing an unconstitutional prior restraint, compelled speech, and unconstitutional vagueness. Protecting First Amendment rights is always in the public interest.

U.S. District Judge Alan Albright, Sept. 18, 2023

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the chair of the Texas State Library Martha Wong, chair of the Texas Board of Education Keven Ellis, and Commissioner of Education Mike Morath and all of their officers, agents, employees, attorneys, and other persons in active concert with them (“Defendants”) are ENJOINED from applying, enforcing, or attempting to enforce, either criminally or civilly, §§ 35.001, 35.002, 35.0021, and 35.003 of HB 900, the Restricting Explicit and Adult-Designated Educational Resources (READER) Act. Read the full ruling of Book People, Inc. V. Texas State Library.