Application Process

Two Funding Cycles Per Year

Visit our online portal to apply for library grants. Please reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help. Remember: Only public libraries in Texas towns with a population of 12,000 or less are eligible to apply.
Application DeadlinesJanuary 15th & June 1st

Grant Timelines

Final grant decisions are made by the board approximately six weeks after the application deadline. Grant decision notifications can be expected two to three weeks later.

How to Apply

The foundation receives all applications through an online application system that was selected for its ease of use.

Do you still want to do your writing in Word? No problem. The software allows you to copy and paste into the appropriate spots when ready. And for those who work directly on the site, it also allows you to save your work, return to it and edit as often as necessary before hitting the submit button.

Application Instructions

See the application instructions and video tutorial for guidance or call our office. We are always happy to help.

Final Reports for Library Grantees

Final reports are due one year from the date the grant was awarded as indicated in the grant contract.

Download the report below and submit via our online system or as an email attachment.

DownloadFinal Grant Project Report

Evaluate your current needs. Determine your goals and objectives. Research, Research, Research. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Take a team approach to the project and involve a diverse group from your community.

Tammy Gawryszewski
Fairfield Library | Fairfield, TX

Email Applications

The Tocker Foundation will accept email applications sent to

Please provide Word documents for the narrative portion of your application. The most current application form is available in Word by request.

Please save the signature page, vendor quotes, and floor plans as PDF when attaching to email. The budget template can be left in the original Excel format.

Examples of Previously Funded Projects

Collection Development: Fiction, Non-fiction, Reference, Large Print, Non-English, Audio, Adult, Young Adult, Children’s, Music, etc.

Furniture and Shelving: Requests should identify a specific project such as the shelving, children’s area, reference area, etc.

Programming: The Tocker Foundation is particularly supportive of programming and welcomes grant requests for support in this area. Literacy Programs, Outreach Programs, Children’s Programs, Learning Labs, etc.

Equipment: Copiers, Computers (limited to two per request), Printers.

Funding will not be considered for:

  • Debt Service
  • Endowment Funds
  • Normal Operating Expenses
  • Salaries
  • Employee Benefits
  • Construction, carpeting, electrical or other infrastructure needs that are typically supported by the municipality
  • E-books, E-readers or membership fees for providers
  • The Foundation will not consider a new request if a previously funded project is incomplete.
  • The Foundation will not consider two separate applications from the same library. If the library has two or more similar projects, the projects should be prioritized on ONE grant application.